Please note that when paying via paypal to select the month that you wish the licence to run from. All licenses will expire on 31st  March

Please don't forget to fill in our online membership form in order for us to process your tag!

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14.00 per month
(by Standing Order)

or a one off annual payment of £140.00

(18 years and under)

- £12.00 per month
(by Standing Order)

 or one off annual payment of £120.00

In addition to your payment, we also need you to complete and submit your membership
form by clicking the link below. Thank you very much. Click here for PDF Application

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Annual Payment by cheque is also accepted . Please make cheques payable to "East Anglian Farm Rides" and post with your application (click here to download) to Manor Bungalow, Church Road, Little Bentley, Colchester, Essex, CO7 8SE.

There are no additional cap fees each time you ride. You will receive a new license tag each year, the colour of which will change annually.  Each horse ridden must have a license tag. We do offer special rates for Families or groups, please call to discuss on 01206 251609

click here for standing order application


You may also pay by Bacs/ Bank Transfer. Please email office


As a member of the EAFR, your Licence Tag entitles you to use ALL rides and routes within the English Associates of Farm Rides. Not just your local area!
Existing routes are open in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and near Bristol.

Click here to view the routes available within East Anglia.


 At the entrance/exit of all rides we put up a sign to emphasise the fact that you are entering private property and to deter riders who are not members of the scheme. Along each route will be 4" square arrows at every change of direction. Please keep to the marked routes and where they follow a headland (field edge) keep to the edge. If riding fast around a field keep your horse under strict control to avoid straying into the cultivated part. If you do not know the difference between grass and seeded field then find out fast.

At the end of each 'Licence Year' - 31st March, the fees collected on behalf of farmers are divided up on a pro-rata basis and 70% is paid out according to the distance of each route on each farm. Last year we paid farmers £162 per mile, (20% higher than the year before).We hope this will rise steadily in years to come to make it worth their while and to encourage new farmers to join the scheme and provide more rides for members. The 30% retained by EAFR cover the production and administration costs for: License Tags, Signs, Way markers, Maps, Insurance, Postage, Photocopying, Telephone, Local Agents Expenses and so on.

WET WEATHER - In wet weather some routes will have to be closed or diverted. If damaged, a route may take a long time to recover. So you are kindly are asked to avoid riding on 'heavy' land when it is wet.  

All routes are closed on Christmas Day, and landowners have the right to close routes on other day, for example, for shooting or hunter trials. We try to give details in the newsletters. Occasionally, a farmer may need to close a field for spraying crops, or during harvest and we obviously cannot expect him to give us notice for this. He will put a notice on the 'Private Property' sign for that day only.

BOX AND TRAILER PARKS. Box parks are marked up on route maps and sent out to members. Any queries please contact us..

Before applying for a licence you must make sure you have adequate public liability cover, you will normally find you are covered if you a member of BHS, Pony Club or a Riding Club. EAFR insurance policy for each rider does not and cannot cover your responsibilities

privacy statement.